About us
Designing and building enterprise applications today requires more than just having deep tech skills. It demands using technology in thoughtful, creative and innovative ways to achieve greater productivity, customer loyalty and revenue opportunities.
Our services
  • IT Reseller

    Products: Fortinet, Zabbix, Wise-Mon, Solarwinds, Paessler, Oracle, Microsoft.

    AIOps solutions
    NAC solution
    Network Security solutions
    Comprehensive infrastructure monitoring
    Security audits

  • Application Development

    Project Outsourcing
    Product Development
    Quality Assurance
    Platform as a Service
    Code Audit
    Enterprise Mobile Development
    Legacy Application Modernization
    Enterprise Application Support
    Front End
    Back End

  • Internet of Things

    Innovation Through Technology
    Internet of Things
    Machine Learning
    Additional Services
    Business Analytics & Big Data
    Application Security
    Database Development

  • Infrastructure Engineering Systems

    Uninterruptable Power Supplies
    Cooling Systems
    Power Distribution
    Data Centre Infrastructure
    Data Cabling
    Energy Supplies – Low Carbon & Renewables

Want to find reliable solutions?
  • "Premium Bank" ASC

    Symantec - Endpoint Protection, Initial Subscription License with Support
    JUL 2020

  • UNEC

    Support, Maintenance and Managed Services
    JUL 2021 - ONGOING

  • Wisewell Ge

    Software Development
    AUG 2022

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Azerbaijan, AZ 1022, Baku, Nizami 118

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